Feeling the Need for Speed at SGR’s Intro to Kart Racing

Photo: Jason Wong

Today, we’re at Grand Prix Kartways at Toronto’s Downsview Park for our SGR 1st gear Intro to Kart Racing. Our clinic will be less about getting dirty with our cars and getting behind the wheel of an electric-powered go-kart to build a foundation for safer, faster and smarter drivers!

We start off the day with a quick introduction, schedule breakdown and summary of topics we’ll be covering during the track walk. Most importantly, we cover the importance of vision, smooth inputs and the three components of a corner. Participants quickly realize that these three components – the turn-in point, apex point, and exit point – are critical to understanding the optimal driving line of the karting track.

After the track walk, everyone jumps into the karts and on to the follow-the-leader exercises. One of the advantages of working with electric karts is the ability to choose different speeds electronically. At speed 3, participants aren’t far off the pace of a runner’s jog and have no problems hitting all the proper points on the track. Bumping up to speed 2 in the next session proves more tricky – with more speed in the equation, they instantly notice the advantage of late-apexing the corners as discussed in the track walk. Easier said than done!

By the end, all the drills and practice pays off. We’re absolutely astounded to find that all of the participants are mere tenths of a second apart, with the top three drivers (including the instructor) being just 3/100th of a second apart. Bravo!

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