Getting involved in legal forms of racing in Ontario

Here’s a quick reference guide to different forms of legal racing in Ontario, Canada.

Disclaimer: SGR and it’s members do not condone or participate in the act of street racing. The purpose of this page is to provide a reference guide to getting involved in legal, sanctioned racing events in Ontario. SGR does not assume any and all risks involved in or arising from participating in these events. For more information, please visit Ontario’s governing body of automobile sport at

Q: I don’t have a car and/or a drivers license yet. What are my options?
A: Ontario is home to many go karting facilities that feature a variety of winter and summer leagues at an affordable price. But if the terms “apex, understeer and oversteer” are foreign to you, you may want to check out the Team SGR Advanced Driver Training Programs to get you started on the right foot. The SGR Driving Clinic Series is a progressive series of clinics to increase driving skills, confidence, and speed as well as improve participants’ daily driving habits and practices.
Cost: $72-82/event. Includes instruction & all equipment.
Vehicle: Not required. Go karts, helmets & balaclavas provided.
More info: Click this link for more info, or contact us to arrange for your own group and event.

Q: I have a vehicle that I drive daily to and from work. I would like to gain more car control experience in a safe and controlled environment.
A: If you want to learn more about your car’s handling, improve your driving skills, or get involved in competitive motorsport, then Solo II is a great place to start. You don’t need to make a big commitment of money or time, just a safe running vehicle and the right attitude.
Cost: $20-40/event entry fee. Cost does not include fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.
Vehicle: Required and must be registered and maintained to meet certain basic standards.
More info: Visit the Solo 2 Autoslolam website for more info.

Q: I’ve have acquired intermediate to advance level driving skills and own a capable vehicle to bring to the track. What’s the next step?
A: Time Attack is the one for you. It offers a car enthusiast the chance to take his/her car and driving skills to the limit in a safe and controlled environment among experienced racers and organizers. The competition style is that of a single car time attack where it is only you against the clock, and the times of your competitors. You do not have to worry about other cars trying to pass you, or cut you in corners, it is a great way to safely get into motorsports. The best part about Time Attack is that its design allows for a person of any skill level and vehicle to participate, anything from a Hyundai Accent to a Dodge Viper, our multi-class system ensures that you have proper competition regardless of what you drive.
Cost: $150-250/event entry fee plus yearly CASC-OR club membership and licensing costs. This does not include fuel & vehicle maintenance costs.
Vehicle: Required and must be registered and maintained to meet certain basic standards.
More info: Visit the CASC Time Attack or Canadian Sport Compact Series for more info.

Q: I want to spectate first hand the different forms and styles of racing I can get involved in.
A: The Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) is the only series in Ontario that gives participants an opportunity to watch and participate in drag, drift and circuit racing at the same time. Their 2009 schedule includes 7 events held at various tracks in Ontario and Quebec ranging from Toronto Motorsports Park to Napierville.
Cost: $20/event for spectators. Additional ˝ to participate in circuit, drift, or drag drift racing will apply.
More info: Visit the Canadian Sport Compact Series website for more info.

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