Girls’ Night at the Garage

In celebration of car care month, SGR teamed up with Emily Chung at AutoNiche, a family-friendly auto repair shop located in Markham to conduct the first of many SGR car care clinics on May 29, 2011. We were excited to bring together a group of women from all over the Greater Toronto Area, armed with notebooks and many questions in hand for an evening of car care empowerment!

In true SGR fashion, we kicked off the night with a spread of delicious snacks and goodies including fresh fruits, delicious cupcakes, and race car-shaped chocolates courtesy of Sonia’s Buttercream Dream – a friend of Dana’s. We’d also love to go into detail on some wonderful wrench-shaped sugar cookies that, however, turned out to be rather inappropriately shaped for the occasion. What it lacked in execution, more than made up for in blushes and laughter for the rest of the evening!

We spent the first portion of the evening going over maintenance and do-it-yourself items. We talked about the different types of fluids, the maintenance required and split up into smaller groups to identify where they can be found and/or replaced in the engine bay. We also taught what the most important tool for following your car maintenance – the owners manual!

The last portion of the evening was spent talking about tires and brake maintenance, along with the importance of proper seating position. Participants were given many tips on how read the treadler and rubber condition on tires, importance of having winter tires and proper tire inflation for the roads.

The evening wrapped up with prize giveaways, with participants showing off the knowledge they gained from the evening and goodies fromĀ AutoNiche and SGR gift certificates. We’ll be back at AutoNiche on Thursday, June 16 for another clinic on basic car care and maintenance!


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