Our Programs

Our Team SGR Advanced Driving programs are designed to encourage women, men and youth to become empowered behind the wheel, and promote safe driving on Canadian roads.

Advanced Driver Training

Winter Advanced Driver Training: This course introduces drivers as young as 14 to defensive and advanced driving in winter conditions. The Team SGR Advanced Winter Driving Experience gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced instructor to hone your driving skills to prepare you for the Canadian winter season. Prepare you and your family with the best winter advanced driver training experience with our amazing instructors in a challenging and fun environment. Course topics include collision avoidance, vehicle control, weight transfer and vision training.

1st Gear: This course introduces drivers as young as 11 to defensive and advanced driving. Through in-class and on-track sessions, we introduce participants to the physics of car control and racing theory in the safety of an indoor go-karting facility. Participants learn about vehicle control, vision training, corners, passing, and collision avoidance.

Watch Team SGR take the Discovery Channel’s Alan Nursall through the 1st Gear course

2nd Gear: Our second gear course kicks it up a notch and provides licensed drivers the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of our experienced instructors, in their own vehicle on one of Ontario’s race tracks. This course builds on the theory and techniques students developed in our first gear course and provides participants the opportunity to advance their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

3rd Gear: This course is for intermediate to advanced level drivers who want to work with our team to finesse their on-track techniques. This course gives participants the opportunity to drive their own vehicle on the highly-technical Driver Development Track at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

Watch Team SGR take host an awesome day of driving at Mosport Driver Development Track on Mother’s Day.

4th Gear: This course is for advanced level drivers who are ready to drive their own vehicle on the highly-technical Grand Prix track at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

5th Gear: This course is for advanced level drivers who are ready to drive to obtain their ASN Canada FIA racing license. Please contact us for more details.

Carts and Coffee Toronto Kart Racing League

Carts Coffee Toronto is a great program that anyone that can hold a steering wheel. We offers everyone the opportunity to meet up with like-minded peers and get their need for speed out on the go-kart track. These events are monthly meet-ups, held on Thursday evenings once a month throughout the winter season. Carts and Coffee provides our community a safe outlet for racing, and an opportunity to bring car enthusiasts together.

Connect with CartsCoffeeTO on at Facebook.com/CartsCoffeeTO or on Twitter.com/CartsCoffeeTO.

Car Care Clinics

Our Car care Clinics are tailored for men, women and youth. These evening workshops bring the girls into the garage, where we get them comfortable working on and under their own vehicles. The course covers changing tires, changing oil, replacing wiper blades, and how to jump-start a car in emergency situations. Car Care Clinics are about giving participants confidence in emergency situations, and encouraging women and youth to learn more about how their vehicles work, and how to keep them operating safely on the road.

Social Cruises  

Cruises are the sight-seeing, day-tripping, car-loving, wind-in-your-hair way to bring our community together. Cruises take place twice a year – in the spring and fall – and offer participants a morning cruise through south-western Ontario, a BBQ fundraiser and optional go-karting in the afternoon. Cruises are fun-packed days for the whole family, and bring together a diverse group of auto enthusiasts and their cars. Cruises are open to anyone and we welcome all makes and models – classics, exotics, domestics, imports, tuners, and rat rods.