Sweetie Girl Racing

Our goal at Sweetie Girl Racing is to engage, educate and empower – offering advanced
driver training experiences where women (and smart men) come together to learn, share
and build great friendships on and off the track.

Advanced Driver Training for Real Drivers

Do you want to be a safer and more confident driver? Are you curious about your vehicle’s
performance potential? Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of driving on a race


This is the original all-girl club, so it also stands to reason that it should be the best. With members coming from all over Ontario and even Québec, Team SGR is a pioneering club in more than one area. Making its debut at the 1999 Darknights Nationals, SGR is now 25 members strong and growing. With a great diversity of member’s rides ranging from various models of Civics to a Toyota Supra, a BMW 318, a new Mercedes C230 and even an S-10 pickup, the club can’t lose. Surprise, surprise, even a New Beetle is part of the clan. And Team SGR obviously doesn’t discriminate members based on what they drive.

The club’s mandate is to have fun and party, and this includes going out to clubs or cruising the streets, all the while proving they can be just as dedicated to their cars as their male counterparts. But the girls are also responsible and professional, as Team SGR’s involvement with corporate sponsors and other organizations attest.

New for 2002 is the club’s affiliation with M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to promote safe, sober and responsible driving. The team will display M.A.D.D. posters, hand out pamphlets and flyers as well as try to raise and donate a projected goal of $1,000 to the charity. Other corporate sponsors include Toyo Tires and Innovative Entertainment, which is best known for organizing Darknights and Dragnights.

Heck, the club even sells its very own line of clothing and merchandise. The girls’ website, sweetiegirlracing.com, even has 200 registered members on its message board and threads range from subjects as diverse as car shows, local sports teams and technical issues as well as all forms of racing.

Look for Team SGR at all Innovative Race Series stops at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario, as well as select shows including Toronto’s The First Episode, Import Showcase and ImportFest, among others.

Goals for the 2002 season include rounding up some sponsors for the team and keep on kicking butt as North America’s all-girl race team.

Look for upcoming features on select Team SGR rides in future issues of PAS.

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