Hands-on in the Garage: Ladies car care clinics

Photo: Dana Young

Thursday, June 16 marked the second SGR car care clinic at AutoNiche in Markham. Twelve ladies gathered to enjoy the snacks and refreshments before heading into the shop, where we knew we were going to get dirty.

Dressed in long-sleeved shirts, pants and comfortable shoes, we were divided into two groups and gathered around two hoists and two vehicles: a 1994 Honda Civic and 2004 Acura EL. We proceeded through a 40-point inspection together, following the same set of guidelines used by AutoNiche with their customers.

From checking fluids to inspecting tires and using power tools, we spent the next few hours learning the ins and outs of each vehicle. A complimentary (much needed) oil change was performed on the vehicles, courtesy of Castrol. As a bonus, we got to see first-hand the dramatic colour difference in the fluid before and after the oil change.

The night ended with door prizes, goodie bags and smiles all around. Our next clinic – set for Tuesday, July 26 – promises to be just as fun and interactive, with participants learning how to boost their batteries, change wiper blades and change the spare tires on their own vehicles – using the safety jack!

Lynda Sydney from Carchick.ca writes:

I think every women who owns a car needs to attend Girls Night at the Garage or another car care clinic. A little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to your car. By understanding the purpose of and steps involved in different maintenance procedures, how various parts of your car work, plus the potential problems and how to identify them, you can be more confident when you take your car in for servicing — and avoid being taken for a ride. By investing just a couple of hours of your time, you could save a bundle of cash in unnecessary maintenance and repairs. And, it’s just a lot of fun! More >>

We’d like to thank everyone for their participation  – a portion of the proceeds will support Plan Canada’s Because I Am a Girl campaign to claim a brighter, safer future for girls.

For more information on the next clinic and how to register, check out our event posted on Facebook and connect with us!

Girls’ Night at the Garage

In celebration of car care month, SGR teamed up with Emily Chung at AutoNiche, a family-friendly auto repair shop located in Markham to conduct the first of many SGR car care clinics on May 29, 2011. We were excited to bring together a group of women from all over the Greater Toronto Area, armed with notebooks and many questions in hand for an evening of car care empowerment!

In true SGR fashion, we kicked off the night with a spread of delicious snacks and goodies including fresh fruits, delicious cupcakes, and race car-shaped chocolates courtesy of Sonia’s Buttercream Dream – a friend of Dana’s. We’d also love to go into detail on some wonderful wrench-shaped sugar cookies that, however, turned out to be rather inappropriately shaped for the occasion. What it lacked in execution, more than made up for in blushes and laughter for the rest of the evening!

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