SGR takes on Alan Nursall in the Discovery Channel!

Team Sweetie Girl Racing kicking butt with Alan Nursall

As a high school student, math and science were some of the subjects that I excelled in. Though I LOVED art, english and history, every test, every quiz and every question in math and sciences had one correct answer only – and made life seem easy to me. With university on the horizon, I was on-track to become an engineer and obtained all the necessary marks to get accepted into the prestigious University of Toronto and Waterloo Engineering programs.

Easy choice, right? Nope! A 180-degree turn at the last minute meant I chose to venture into graphic design, thinking I had given up any future hope of a technical career. A choice I sometimes reflect upon, knowing NOW how appropriate it would have been for my passion for motorsports. But nevertheless, it’s something I try not to dwell on…

So imagine my surprise to get an email from one of the TV producers from the Discovery Channel to feature SGR in the Alan Nursall experience!

Early morning track walk with Team SGR

The Alan Nursall experience is a segment on the Canadian television series Daily Planet that leans toward technology experiments beyond the lab. He’s frequently found interacting with students and people on the streets – “in the field” – and gets a kick out of getting people excited about whatever topic he’s exploring that week – and this is likely why Sweetie Girl Racing was his next target. We’re an excitable bunch!

Alan Nursall strapped into the go kart and ready to rock

Alan Nursall chasing down Team SGR

So on Friday June 24, the Alan Nursall Experience teamed up with Sweetie Girl Racing to  explore the science and geometry of the perfect racing line. Filming on a weekday proved difficult for a lot of our current Team SGR members, who carry full time jobs during the day. Luckily, summer had just broke out and we were fortunate to round up Katie Cheung, Brooke Trefry, Laura and Lilla Rupert, Varmini Singh and Shelby Grant – past participants and graduates of the Team SGR Kart Racing Experience – to strut our stuff!

Driving exercises while the producer Stephen looks on

Katie and Brooke lay the rubber on the track

The majority of the segment is focused on the central section of the Grand Prix Kartways track, where a combination of quick turns around corners of various lengths make up the most technical part of the track. We laid down pylons and explained the fundamentals of the optimum line – the best combination of arcs through corners and paths down the straights – as a tool to put yourself in a position to post the fastest possible time around the track. There were hits, there were misses, and everyone LOVED it!

Sweetie Girl Racing exploring the science...

Going through the science

and geometry of the perfect racing line...

And again... Thanks to Gary at for the awesome pics!

We finished off the segment demonstrating the Brachistochrone theory with two separate ramps and some hot wheel cars. Sounds easy enough, until you’re on the seventh take and the word “Brachistochrone” caused Alan to go into a series of tongue twisting mishaps that had myself and the girls giggling. Who said show business was easy?

Bah-b-b-b-brachistochrone Theory!

Stay tuned for the segment to be aired on the Discovery Channel later this year – follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

Alan Nursall with Team SGR

Team Sweetie Girl Racing kicking butt with Alan Nursall

SGR announces 2011 partnership with Sailun Tires

Two organizations reach out to grassroots community via events, driving schools and giveaways

To continue increasing awareness of driver education, particularly amongst women, Team SGR today announced a partnership with Sailun Tires.

“We’re very happy to be partnering with Team SGR, and helping to promote their unique position in the racing community,” said Humphrey Ho, Senior Director of Marketing at Sailun Tires. “We believe Team SGR is the perfect partner allowing Sailun Tires to reach men and women of all ages with an interest in advanced driving and in grassroots motorsports. Indeed, that is the market that SGR has served since 1999.”

Through Sailun’s partnership with Team SGR, together we begin building motorsports history in Canada – reaching out to automotive enthusiasts on all levels, particularly those looking to get into the sport at a grassroots level.

“Culturally, the automobile sector is male-dominated and girls are groomed to be in the passenger seat or on the hood at a young age,” said Anna He, President and co-founder of Team SGR. “and we’re going to change that. Our approach to advanced driver education is to provide friendly and fun experiences at an affordable price. In that way, we are much like Sailun, a company looking to expand the reach of its high-quality, affordable product lineup in Canada. By appealing to women, we are, ultimately appealing to everyone.” [Read more…]