Team SGR announces rebrand and partnerships with CTCC and Radical Canada on Saturday May 30th and Saturday July 4th in the 2015 season

Team SGR announces CTCC and Radical Canada PartnershipTo continue increasing awareness of advanced driving education, Team SGR Advanced driving announced a partnership with both Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) and Radical Canada.

Through CTCC’s partnership with Team SGR Advanced Driving, they will be providing an opportunity for experienced drivers on Saturday May 30, 2015 at Shannonville Motorsports Park.

“We are looking forward to this exciting event at Shannonville Motorsport Park,” stated John Bondar, President of CTCC.  “Participants will be able to experience different types of motorsport in a fun and thrilling environment.”

Registered drivers will get a chance to share the track during a professional Canadian championship series weekend and spectate the Touring Class, Super Touring Class and Grand Touring Class race cars in separate practice and qualifying sessions as they prepare for their CTCC race the next day. More information is available at

Furthermore, Team SGR will be partnering with Radical Canada in a separate advanced driving experience at Toronto Motorsports Park (TMP), Cayuga on Saturday July 4, 2015.

Selected participants will have the chance to experience the all-new 2015 Radical SR3RSX race car during hot lap sessions on the race track. Intermediate and high performance drivers with their own vehicles are also welcome and one-on-one instruction available for novice drivers in a separate group. More information can be found at the link The event link also includes more info for anyone interested in to be entered into the draw for the Radical race car ride.

“We are excited to work with Team SGR and their community of passionate driving enthusiasts,” said Robert Burgess, President of Radical Canada. “the all-new 2015 SR3RSX Radical race car has been making waves since it’s 2014 October debut at the Circuit de Barcelona and we couldn’t think of a better way to bring awareness to the thrill of owning a Radical race car than to have driving enthusiasts experience it on a race track.”

Last but not least, the SGR organization will be officially be rebranded to “Team SGR Advanced Driving” and officially retire the name “Sweetie Girl Racing” this year. Back in 1999, their collaboration as the sister company with Darknights Nationals allowed them to leverage their network as a tuner and show & shine organization. Team SGR has continued to innovate and evolve with the Canadian motorsports community over the last 16 years.

“In 2004, we branched off as a separate entity and set out to be a social organization that not only wanted to focus on advanced driver training, but give a voice to women in the automotive industry.” said Anna He, President and co-founder of Team SGR Advanced Driving. “As the times changed, we felt that that we’re ready to grow and broaden our appeal because advanced driving is important for men, women, teens and the elderly, especially in our adverse Canadian weather during the winter.“

“With our new 2015 Team SGR membership program launched this year, we are confidently able to offer a wider range of advanced driver training programs, car care clinics and charity fundraisers. Starting from our 1st gear car control programs in go karts laddering up to our 5th gear performance driving race license program with our various partners, our events are more accessible and affordable to Canadian drivers and their families than ever before.”

Team SGR, CTCC and Radical Canada officially kicked off their collaboration on Sunday April 19 at Radical Canada head quarters in Mississauga, Canada. Participants at the open house have also been entered into a draw for a chance to win a ride in the all-new 2015 Radical SR3RSX race car courtesy of Radical Canada on Saturday July 4, 2015 at TMP.

About Team SGR Advanced Driving
Founded in 1999, Team SGR Advanced Driving is one of the first automobile organizations for women and men providing advanced driving education in Canada. Team SGR is an organization that focuses on activities and programs in local communities in driver development, road safety, advanced driver training, advocacy, diversity, and education for all who are involved in all aspects of car culture. Team SGR also represents a group of drivers who are committed to encouraging a female presence in the sport while educating, participating and fostering personal growth in all its members and the Canadian motorsports community.

About Canadian Touring Car Championship
The Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) presented by Continental Tire is a truly Canadian Sports Car Racing Championship and a leader in Canadian motorsports. It provides Canadian race fans with close and exciting competition between some of Canada’s fastest race car drivers. It showcases race cars based on their original street version in three unique categories; Touring Class, Super Touring Class and Grand Touring Class.

About Radical Canada
Founded in 2012 Radical Canada is the exclusive Canadian distributors for Radical Sportcars Ltd. Based in the Peterborough England Radical Sportscars was founded in 1996 and since then has built over 1900 race cars and have grown to be the world’s largest race car manufacture. Radical Canada deals in new and pre-owned Radical’s as well as selling parts and offering a wide variety of services including: storage, transportation, repair, maintenance and rentals.




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