Testimonial: first time at the track!

Photo: Dana Young

My dad is the driving columnist for the Globe and Mail – when he told me I should go out to the racetrack to take advanced driver training with Team SGR I thought he was crazy.

At 25, I hold a G1 license. Living downtown my whole life I never really needed a car: everything was central to me and I biked and walked everywhere. While this was great for my health and for the environment, I realized I needed to be able to drive.

I was amazed at how much my driving improved with team SGR. My instructor, Gerry, was so patient and made me feel at ease- even when I hit a pylon within seconds of getting into the car. We worked on the basics first- where to look, and how to hold the wheel. By focusing in on this, my driving improved immensely! We also tried some crash avoidance drills, and some cornering and passing drills.

I had an amazing day. Anna and the SGR team were so fun and accommodating. I recommend a day with the SGR to any driver-or non-driver. It could save your life.

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